Basic Information about the Club

The first mention of a football game in Banská Bystrica is from the year 1893.  Eleven years later, the first football club, ŠK BB, was founded in the city. The club has had many names over the years, including: Slovan, Červená hviezda (Red Star), Partizán, VTJ Dukla, ASVŠ Dukla, FO Dukla and finally FC DUKLA.

1967-1968 was the first season when Dukla succeeded in entering the 1st Czechoslovak national football league.  In 1981, the team won the Slovak Cup. During the 1984-85 season the team finished fourth and thus had a chance to participate in the UEFA Cup. From 1984 -1986, Dukla was the best Slovak team in the Czechoslovak football league.

In 1993, the independent Slovak Republic was founded.  At that time, the club entered the new, highest league and a new phase of its history began. In 1998-99, Dukla was in the finals of the Slovak Cup and participated in the UEFA Cup. The 2003-2004 season has been the most successful in current history with the club finishing second in the Slovak League and playing in the UEFA Cup. 2004-2005 brought another historic success – Dukla FC won the Slovak Cup and finished third in the overall results.