Studio S – known since April 1999 as STUDIO L+S - was opened on May 12, 1982 as the artistic stage of the state-run agency Slovkoncert (thus the S in the name – the theatre’s staff itself quietly, but publicly, considered it as an acronym for satire).

It was born as an agency-type theatre, that is, as a theatre without a permanent acting troupe or director.  It hired actors for individual plays and invited guest theatre groups whose performances fit the theatre’s profile.

At the same time, the theatre also produced music shows.  Since the beginning, it was also oriented toward small Czech theatre and avant-garde groups and enriched its repertoire with the best of the Czech scene. Here one can find the roots of what has become today’s highly-regarded FESTIVAL OSOBNOSTÍ ČESKÉHO DIVADLA (Festival of Czech Theatre).

A few months after Studio S opened, the legendary duo of Milan Lasica and Július Satinský appeared on the theatre’s stage in the original television show NIKTO NIE JE ZA DVERAMI (No One Is Behind the Door) on November 2, 1982. Over time, they premiered their most famous plays, such as DEŇ RADOSTI (Day of Happiness), NÁŠ PRIATEĽ RENÉ (Our Friend René) and a selection of older routines presented in the show JUBILEUM. Their unforgettably poetic work heavily influenced Studio S’s image.

In April 1999, Studio S became the first theatre in Slovakia to be privatized.  With its new name it simply confirmed what had been going on for years already - it became STUDIO L+S.