Every year, FORZA Production house, in cooperation with OKLAMČÁK Production and TV Markíza, conduct a nationwide poll.  Then, based on the poll’s results, they present an award to the most popular Slovak singers and bands. The prize, known as the Slávik (Nightingale) Award, has a long tradition in the history of Slovak and Czechoslovak pop music.

Traditionally, a media campaign promoting the award is run every year in autumn. The campaign lasts four weeks and includes distribution of voting coupons so that people can vote for their favorite artists. The poll is supported by the biggest print and electronic media. Since 2006, people have been able to vote both via an e-poll conducted at www.forza.sk and by sending text messages from their mobile phones. This substantially increases the number of participating voters and broadens the range of respondents.  The results of the poll therefore represent a much wider group. 

The Slávik Award is granted in three main categories: best male singer, best female singer, and best group. The awards also include categories, such as Biggest Popularity Jump, Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Rádioslávik. A Hit of the Year poll conducted by the Nový čas daily newspaper identifies the most popular song of the year.

Results from voting coupons and text message votes are processed by a specialized software company under the supervision of a notary. To preserve the moment of surprise and evoke authentic reactions, the results in the main categories are announced on a gala show broadcast live on TV Markíza.