Philosophy of the Club

“Dedicated work with children and teenagers is the best investment in the future”, says engineer Richard Čech, general director of the Dukla Football Club (FC).  This is also the basic philosophy of the Dukla football club.  The development plan for teenage football in 2008-2013 focuses mainly on an effective system of identifying new talents and on education and training of talented athletes from their early childhood until they enter the junior category.  This system should provide the club with a solid base of good players that can support the A-team in the highest football league.  The most talented athletes can then join the national teams.  Another important initiative by the club is “Vision 813” – a project whose goal is to reverse the domestic-foreign players’ ratio to 70:30 within the next five years.

The club also wants to bring football fans back to the stadiums.  This way, sponsors can be satisfied not only with the good matches resulting from the club’s long-term, systematic work with children and juniors, but also from strong attendance at games.


Strategic goals

The main goal of the football development program is to support and train talented players from Central Slovakia and other Slovak regions in preparation for active involvement in the Dukla Banská Bystrica FC and on the national team.  The main long-term goals are:

  1. to strengthen and stabilize the club’s position in the region of Banská Bystrica and to broaden its activities  within the Slovak Republic;
  2. to expand the club’s international level activities by offering players and coaches, by promoting  the FC Dukla trademark and by providing players for the Slovak representation teams; trade of players, participation in UEFA cups and international tournaments for juniors;
  3. to maintain continual contact with the world of football (league,  representation,  football union);
  4. to support the the club’s long-term domestic expansion (training center, construction of a new football stadium, hotel, commercial and conference center);  and
  5. to expand abroad.

Štiavničky  Stadium

Capacity of the stadium: 10,000 visitors
Seats: 7380
Size of the playing field: 105 x 68m
Lighting: 1400 Lux