fotoThe BROADWAY Theatre is a multi-purpose theatre in the centre of Prague.  It serves as a stage for musicals, theatre and film presentations, but can also be used for corporate events, concerts, festivals and other gatherings.

In the past the theatre was run as the Broadway Cinema, then later as the Sevastopol Cinema until it returned to its original identity as the Broadway Cinema and was then closed permanently in 1998.  From that time on, the building was vacant and left to crumble. In March 2001, the Broadway Theatre Company, Inc. rented the entire building. Together with the construction company UNISTA – HALUZA Ltd., run by Ing. Vojtěch Haluza and PRAGOVIA, Ltd., run by Ing. Květoslav Hanel, the company renovated the former cinema and transformed it into a modern, three-story theatre.

ghjIn December 2001, it cleared the final building inspection and was put into operation.  The Broadway passageway built in 1938 and listed as a protected historical monument, is also part of the Sevastopol Palace.  The passageway links Na Příkopě Street with Celetná Street and has preserved its original architecture over the years while still being modern today. The main entrances to the Broadway Theatre, and to its box office, are located inside the passageway.  The main change made during reconstruction was to decrease the size of the projection room in the balcony on the first underground floor. This was, in fact, a return to the theatre’s original design at the time of its founding, according to drawings from the building’s archive.  At the top of the hall, there is a balcony with 136 seats (7 rows).  Along the sides of the hall, there are 12 boxes for VIP partners of the theatre.  One of the boxes is set aside for physically disabled viewers, as well.  On this floor the theatre’s technical and management space can be found, as well as a restroom for audience use, a bar, the actors’ space (dressing room and showers) and the production staff’s office.  On the second floor underground, there is a seating section with 594 seats (26 rows).

The stage is trapezoid-shaped with the following measurements: 13 meters wide at the front, 11 meters deep, total stage area 143 m2.  At the base of the stage there are entrance ways built in, which enable entrance onto the stage from several sides.  There are other spaces connected to the theatre’s operation, such as the dressing room for soloists, a general dressing room, a make-up room, a costume storage room and laundry room.  Visitors to the theatre also have a bar and coat room available.  The third floor underground is devoted to theatre operations.  There is technical equipment in the space under the stage (trap door, rotating floor).